Gunner Stahl

real name jonathan simmons, he is an american photographer from atlanta. primarily photographing hip-hop/rap acts, he has shot artists like kanye west, playboi carti, 21 savage, lil yachty, and so on. he is known for his usage of the point and shoot camera.

for this final ticket to leave, i will leave my reflections of paula scher’s episode of abstract: the art of design. before watching this i never really heard of paula scher outside of a few references in class lectures. after watching, i now realize why she is renowned as one…

the final constant output! i decided to end with an instrumental that will land on my debut LP. this track is entitled "light switch logic”. the main melody is from one of the many sample libraries i have in stock.

once again, i’m continuing with sampling old songs that i like. this week’s sample is "back at the beginning” by brian auger. ever since i discovered this song i always knew the parts where i’d sample at because i would replay it over and over again.

this reading really opened my eyes on the farther possibilities of design. as said in the reading, speculative design "thrives on imagination” and opens new perspectives. people/designers who engage in speculative design often think about “the future” and use that future to understand the present. the diagram that illustrates the different kinds of potential futures was very interesting to me, because of how straightforward and streamlined it is. like the author, i feel like the "preferable” isn’t always chosen by the designer and instead the industry/government/whatever makes the most money. however, i believe that with the collaboration of designers and experts in speculative design can increase the probability of more desirable futures occuring.

stephen shadrach


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